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maybe all it takes is a formation change to unleash MU. like how conte changed 2016 chelsea to a 3-4-3.

think 3-5-2 will work for us given our overload of CBs and CMs, shortage of wingers and accommodating AS7 as a striker alongside LKK.
So why didn't he try and use this tactic during the friendlies instead to see if it works?

A leopard will never change his spots. JM is a stubborn leopard still insisting that his old ways still work in this era.

If we are gonna play games defensively with 0 shots on target, then own goal is our best choice of becoming top scorer for us this season. I think that's the record he's aiming for with his indulgence in buying CBs and doing nothing in terms of tactics to improve our attacks. If you're telling me yesterday's lineup is not good enough to register a shot on goal, you must be kidding yourself.

If he's afraid to attack during friendlies which has 0 consequences, what do you think he'll do when points are at stack and he feels our squad is forever not good enough to his liking. Just park the bus like he always do and play to AVOID defeat and not play to win.

SAF can start a match with 7 defenders but he will still put the players out with the mentality to win. That's the difference with having a positive minded manager instead of a negative one. Opposing teams do not fear a team that is good in defending. You ever heard of teams saying they are afraid of meeting Barce or Real cos they are good in defense?

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