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Just got my key collection date today! Around 2 weeks later.
COngratz!!! finally!!

Good Morning All.

It's been a long time since I last chat here...Many

Just received the 6 weeks letter from HDB for my grant approval. Which means I need to wait for 6 more weeks. This morning just log in into the HDB portal. It still showing

Thank you for your AHG/SHG application. You will be informed of the outcome after we have received all the necessary documents and assessed your eligibility.

My appeal for the flooring failed. I too tired to try liao. Need to focus on other things. Really got no choice but to look for cheap option now
You got see facebook that Deluxe Home Furnishing? they do curtains/wallpaper/vinyl... i went last weekend to order my curtains.. went kpo their Vinyl... to be honest.. their quality not bad.. and their prices is really cheap..

Now i also very busy with the Reno.. then saturday kena complain by downstairs cos my contractor sat go in do some drilling..
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