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Ya am planning to make police report. Next of kin already informed.. how do i screen unknown number? If i blocked wil they be more fierce n send runner to my house? Sorry im scared if they will come..
There's an app called Drupe or Truecaller, figure out how to make this the default call app on your phone. YouTube has lots of instructional videos. But this shouldn't be a priority yet. If you already know what numbers they use, keep track of those and block them and don't answer unknown numbers can already.

I don't know if they will send runner (aka terrified, wayward teenagers) or not, but based on the amount you mentioned, it sounds like a BS scam. Just stop giving them money and stop talking to them. Disappear. First week they will be the scariest, just ignore and don't look. Use this time to meditate and think about all the mistakes you made in life that led you to this moment. Tell your neighbours that you got scammed and ask them to keep a look out. You also be wary of people, and by wary I mean pay attention to your surroundings, NOT calling the police at every cat lady who passes by your void deck.

You'll get bored after a month.

All the best.
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