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Hello Everyone!

Just wanna ask, anyone tried appealing for Cement Screed? Im collecting keys next week. My ID will be doing the measurements on the day I collect keys. But I believe, Cement Screed from HDB is subject to approval & will slow down the whole process of moving in.

I've also checked with a few that is doing flooring, Cement Screed for a 3 room is very pricey. Atleast 1.8k. No doubt Deluxe Home Furnishing Vinyl not bad. Comes with 25yrs warranty. I even tried asking a direct supplier for Vinyl flooring, Supply + Deliver + Installation 2k with skirting too. (cause my dad know the boss. Lol. Playcheat abit) The only concern here is... Cement Screed. Big SIGH.....
No la.if u do homogeneous tiles, all in 4.5k only including cement screeding..

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