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I have been reading this thread for a while and I feel encouraged that fellow forumers are sharing their experience and offer their advice to other victims.

Also had the experience of borrowing from uml once. And I felled prey to them. I suffered a lot mentally. Fortunately, I thought hard about what I should do.

Like many others, the uml came up with excuses to make me pay more interest. After clearing, they transferred to me without my consent.

Eventually, I insisted on clearing the entire loan. After that , I straight await went to close the account and reopened a new one for my salary crediting. I also changed number.

These days, I use a number blocker app to block private numbers, and also hide sms from callers who are not in my contact list. The app is call Calls Blacklist Pro. And it can add numbers to be blocked from calling you.

My advice is like what most other forumers said, as follow :

Don't pay them. Else they will surely keep.coming back for more and never ends.
Don't fear them. Because they feed on your fear.
Change bank account and telephone number.
And of cos never ever borrow from uml again.

I know of people who committed suicide because of succumbing to debts, but my advice is, worse come to worse, a person is broke or bankrupt also won't die. Worse case van drive taxi or phv, work hard also can make a living. Once you have get over the stigma and fear of embarrassment, you actually feel it is not life and death matter.

Last thing, I know from friends that some churches are helping many people who are in debt and homeless and jobless, and they eventually recover

Take care fellow bros, be strong.
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