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no wonder so many are going for xiaomi now, they came out with so many phone, and duplicate alot of spec and design from other phone, and make it cheaper. and nv had much saga abt their product either.

it is seriously atrocious and ridiculous to charge a consumer >$1000 for a general common purpose pocket device.
That is true, but there is one thing for sure that changes when you go to those cheaper devices like Asus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei and Vivo. Their software is crap... Utter crap.

If you are an Android Dev, you will learn to hate Chinese OEMs and their software. They have modded Android so bad that the basic theming within Android is broken. A stock android color white theme can be the made into color blue. Way too aggressive power saving, making the app unable to listen for notifications or just purely killing the app for no reason. The performance is BLOODY inconsistent.

It might seem all nice and cool, but as a person who has used and had a lot of friends holding all sorts of devices. These Chinese phones always start failing faster than Samsung's, LG's and Moto's.

Software bogs down faster, you will see and feel the lag and if you think you want updates. You also have to way just as long or even longer than Samsung.

The only Chinese company that does it right, Oneplus.
The rest are still decent. LG just need to modernize their UI. Sony needs to ACTUALLY work on their software more. It is a bug fest and their camera is usually half-assed as well
HTC is alright but rare now. Dying company.

You have to actually step to the other side to actually start to appreciate. Samsung has done quite well with its devices. Sure the update cycle needs to be shorted but asides from that. The SW and HW works.
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