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No need so rude use all the capital letter.
You take people money and expect no need to pay back on time ?
You can makan AL money because you can say they are scammer.
LML is different.
You had signed everything black and white.
Police can't even help you. Believe me, debt collector will dare you call police come. The more you are no face in front of your house or office.
LML is not wrong for chasing you to pay back when the loan is due.
They are not wrong for ignoring you since you don't even want to pay back a single cent.
Normally LML will pass over to debt collector to collect the loan.
They have no obligation to give you lower installment payment.
That's why I keep asking you talk to them face to face and beg them for help for lower installment.
They already helping you for asking you to pay some money first before start talking about installment.
You are so guailan don't even want to pay anything and expect people accede to your demand for lower installments.
How to talk ? When you don't even want to pay back some money first ?
Meanwhile you are blaming LML act like ah long for not follow your demand ?
Well Done.
He too stress la..anyway he shld fear lml more than Al as he everything is in black and white. Yes debtor collect will challenged u to call police with their letter of demand on hand police also cannot do anything abt me lml is more guailan..from my personal experience I kena those heavily tattoo debt collector appearing at my hse with letter of very loudly till my next door neighbor open door to see what the commotion abt
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