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Hi dimitri_can

I am planning a trip with my family of 6 as follows : Singapore-Kyoto (4 days) -Osaka (3 days) -Takayama (2 days) -Toyko (4 days) -Singapore

can i ask if it will be cheaper to get the JR nationwide 14 days pass or regional pass? if regional, which pass should i purchase ?

Thanks in advance !
JR passes are to cover the expensive trips on shinkansen and limited express trains. for travelling within the city, u dun need the JR pass. so for ur case, it will be to cover the trip from osaka to takayama, and takayama to tokyo. so likely a 7-day pass will suffice.

depending on ur itinerary, single trip tickets may be cheaper. or some combination of regional pass and single trip tickets.

some possibilities:
7-day JR pass: 29110yen
osaka-takayama + takayama-tokyo single trip: 11k + 15K yen
takayama horuriku area pass + nagoay-tokyo: 14k + 11k yen

also, note that kyoto is nearer to takayama while osaka is nearer to kix airport if u are flying into kix. so u may want to do sin -> osaka -> kyoto -> takayama
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