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I think SG is less on the ball in terms of watch game compared to Hk.. by a pretty wide margin too.

Hk every morning on the MTR to central (their cbd) in every train carriage there are at least a few rolexes.. mostly black subc and sub date.. yesterday alone i noticed two patek wearing neighbors at my service apartment lobby.. both 5712s... amazing.. then again, it was the first time every I saw anything from the nautilus range on someones wrist here after two years...
HK very near Shenzhen if you know what i mean.

Ha, not the rich kids hypebeast type of wear......those dont mean **** no matter locally or overseas......I dont own a single pair of Yeezy, ever.
high end designer clothes don't appeal to me.

i prefer my japanese stuff. also i don't own any yeezy. i wear vans/converse etc
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