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May i know what was the setup used to charge the iPad Pro 12.9"? I'm using the Xiaomi 45W charger with the Apple USB-C to lightning cable and charging my 2015 iPad Pro 12.9" and can't get it to charge any faster than the normal Apple adaptor.
I used Apple's own USB-C to Lightning cable too. I no longer have the charger with me, but this sounds like one of the devices doesn't recognize the other, thus causing fast charging to not start. You can try:

1.) Removing and reinserting the C end of the cable when you notice it isn't fast charging to force a re-detection

2.) Flip over the cable's C connector and plug it into the charger again

3.) Turn off the charger and turn it on again

In short, many third parties use their own methods to enable charging support for Apple devices. This can lead to improper detection. There is no sure-fire way to solve this - sometimes, plug out/plug in the cable again helps; sometimes, flipping the connector helps; and sometimes, turning the power off (or on) before plugging in the cable helps.
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