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For OLED, never get a displayed unit. For LED/LCD, some brand can display power on hours. Never take salesman words of unit just put up a few days ago.
I tend to be skeptical when it comes to display set. You never know how they treat the display set and how long it has been left there. Imagine having the tv switched on, running through the same video sequence for close to 12 hours a day.

However I made an exception when they told me that the tv model that I wanted to buy, they had an open set with a further discount on the set. They told me that someone bought it, wanted to mount it at home but realised it was too big. In the end the buyer had to return the set and get a smaller one. The opened set was left in the store for 3 days at a discount before it caught my attention. I asked for proof of the purchase that it was just 3 days ago and sure enough they had a copy of the invoice. So I snapped it up at a lower cost. So far so good.
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