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The main question is; how much of a premium are you willing to pay for a small, incremental increase in specs and performance? Minor spec bumps from model to model with improved picture quality usually have diminishing returns, in a sense that you have to pay so much more for an added feature that adds very little benefit.

Always good to stay within your budget and critically ask yourself; how much more will you enjoy with the improvement you will ultimately get for the price you are going to pay?

A good example will be TVs of the same model, but released last year and this year. For most cases, the improvements are so minor that you won't see a difference, yet you can potentially get a good deal with discounts due to clearance of old stocks or models.
Some of what you say is true but the new models arenít always facelifts or incremental improvement ones.. itís important to do your homework carefully and find out more about the differences.

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