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Is the Huawei one so bad??? I thinking of getting a P20 Pro to try since the price has dropped a lot.... TouchWiz has been good with my Note 8 so far. No frustrations or whatsoever.
Never really liked or enjoy them. You can give it a try for yourself. Just the experience using it is bad. It will kill apps in the background without good reason to save your battery life so you are likely to miss or not get notifications. VLC has blacklisted all Hua wei devices cause al their bug reports so far has been about their app failing to keep their background play on.

The SOC is not as great as it sounds. It can barely handle 4K or anything around 60 FPS. The recent update to bring slow mo recording to keep up with other flagship is fake slow mo
The p20 pro is incapable of 960 fps video recording. It is just an frame interpolation technique. It may be recording only in 240 fps or 480 fps. So their recent and current ad about being able to record 960 fps is a big lie.

If you plan on taking videos. I hope you have steady hands. No OIS and No EIS for 1080p@60fps cause the SOC can barely handle the amount of data.

Custom launchers can only go so far to help improve looks. But it is mostly the u deleting software that is bad.

Stick with Samsung devices for familiarity and best all rounder features and experience. That is what Samsung devices are really good for.

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