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EXID’s Hani And Red Velvet’s Irene Share Stories About Their Awkward Interactions At The Gym

EXID’s Hani and Red Velvet’s Irene shared a cute story of their run-ins at the gym!

Red Velvet made a guest appearance on SBS PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” on August 9 and Hani was there as a special DJ for the day. DJ Kim Tae Gyun asked if Hani and Red Velvet know each other well and Seulgi replied, “We’ve seen each other during broadcasted shows, but we haven’t had the chance to talk that much.”

It was then that Hani made the revelation that she knows one Red Velvet member in particular, Irene. She said, “Irene and I are workout buddies since we go to the same gym.” Hani explained, “We always greet each other if we’re at the gym at the same time. But both of us are quite shy, so we haven’t actually had a full conversation yet.”

Hani laughed as she added, “Actually, I think I’ve seen Irene more often from the back than face to face,” to which Irene replied, “I think that’s the case for both of us.” The EXID member also added, “When I see her [at the gym], Irene always looks so pretty doing what looks like ballet moves,” and Irene smiled shyly at the compliment.
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