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overall i think ur itinerary is too packed. need to account for the time needed to drive from place to place, and for breaks in between long drives. and also take note of wat time it gets dark. will be safer to stick to driving in the daytime.

for example, day 7 u are driving from queenstown to milford sound. that is already a 4hrs drive, excluding breaks and sightseeing. milford sound cruise is 2-3 hours, and u still need to travel from milford sound back to te anau which is about 2 hours. quite difficult to squeeze all this into a day, and u wun have time to stop for sightseeing along the way.

if u dun have plans for anything in te anau, i suggest taking a day package for milford sounds from queenstown. that will save u quite a bit of time, and u can relax during the journey.

day 12 is going to be very tiring also. wanaka to fox glacier is at least 3+ hrs drive. it took me almost the whole day, stopping for lunch and sightseeing. if u going to visit lake wanaka and roy's peak, u probably can only set off from wanaka around noon. so by the time u reach fox glacier, it is already evening. wun have time for doing any sightseeing in fox glacier or franz josef glacier

my advice will be to take things easy and space out ur trip more. NZ is meant to be enjoyed at a leisure pace, to relax and immerse urself in nature

Thanks for the advice! Will rework the itinerary, most likely removing Waitomo, Wellington and Dunedin.
Between Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier, do we have to visit both? Or just one will do? Is it recommended to stay at FG/FJG?

Have you done skydiving too? Any recommendation? Thanks!
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