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I think too ambitious to go North and South in 2 weeks. U probably spend more time travelling than doing any other thing.

2 weeks alone in the south doing standard loop also pretty rush Liao.

If u haven't book anything yet than I think best to replan everything again. Like the post above, consider the time needed to travel, rest, lunch, taking photo, sight seeing.
Unless u intend to drive without stopping at all, u need to add 30-90min to the timing provided by Google..

Personally, I do drive at night sometimes but it all depends on your comfort level.. and the area that u will be driving in.
Thanks for the advice! So far only flights from SIN-AKL and CHC-SIN are booked. The others are not booked yet.
Will rework the itinerary, most likely removing Waitomo, Wellington and Dunedin. Should we remove Coromandel too? since it's quite out of the way.
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