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Exactly, by adding Fred plus the return of Pereria we could have push City to the last day of the league. Remembered we lost alot of so called small game due to poor midfield.

Personally, I don't think Jose is interested in any of the central defenders speculated by the medias namely Mina, Maguire, Aldreweireld or even Kurt Zouma. If he is keen, apart from Mcguire and Alderweireld who are priced out of reach, the other two should be in the pocket.

It is clear in United that although ED looks after the commercial part in the process of the purchase, the choice of the player requires the nod from the manager.

From what I view, Jose is eyeing the big one in term of Bale or Willian. Apart from the unwillingness from the clubs that are not prepared to release the players, these players are priced excessively - far beyond their market value.
Next, to get in these players would results in the further side-lining of Martial - a player that United refuse to let go off and the fringing of Marcus Rashford who would have lesser games to play.

ED is not into the footballing matters and in this case, he must have been advised by somebody within the United's footballing hierrachy. Bale - unless we pay stupid monies to RM for them to pick up Mbappe, RM is not selling Bale, that left us with Willian and Chelsea wants big monies - not unless Jose is willing to chip in and go help with the deal with Roman. Anyway, Roman cannot sell anyway cheaper than the price that they had turned down Barcelona even if he were to want to be nice to Jose.

So at the end of the day, unless it is the players targeted by Jose, ED is buying nobody and hawkish fans would pin the blame on ED.

Looking at the Premier League top teams - none of the top 6 teams had any top attacking players roped in. This is a season whereby top attacking upfield players availability is next to none.

So, if none are available and none of the top clubs manage to get hold any top prominent attacking upfield players as we do, why should Jose or ourselves be complaining.

We have top quality players in Martial, Rashford, Lakaku, Alexis, and Pogba to support as attacking mid to make good.

Next we have the additions of Fred and Andreas Perierra to our midfield line-up of Pogba, Mata, Felliani, Hererra, Matic, and Jessie Lingard.

We may say that we only had 4 front line players. Well, it is rarely the case when Jose fielded both Martial and Rashford in the same team. So, with the prsence of Jessie Lingard or Mata on the wing, either Martial or Rashford had to be on the bench. So, ED must have been advised that why pay stupid big monies on Willian or Bale and allow Jose to further trash Martial and causing further unrest and further diminish Rashford by letting him having lesser games.

For the defense, we have 12 players in term of:

Antonio Valencia, Smalling, Jones, Lindelof, Bailly, Shaw, Marcus Rojo, Ashley Young, Matteo Darmain, Tuanzebe, Diogo Dalot and even Fosu Mensah whom we have to loan out.

So, unless Jose is willing to offload any of these 12 defenders, we can't be getting more defenders in and having most of them sit on the bench or up at the director's box collecting huge wages.

Jose can have his whims and fancies but the club must be able to run its business and not waste monies unnecessarily - keeping a huge squad with huge payroll and not playing majority of them and causing huge unrest amongst the good potentialled players.

So, we have a good squad of 4 goalkeepers, 11 defenders, 8 midfielders and 4 front-line players which are not world class but good enough for Jose to make good - so why the complain.
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