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Letís see! Interesting battle for top 6 this season. Even West Ham had a very productive window.

Letís see if Spurs, Us and Chelshit has the depth and strength to survive the drop.

These 3 teams on paper wise, are pretty lacking.
Generally, from the look of the teams from the last season of which not much changes are made to Man City, Us, Chelsea and none for Spurs - only Liverpool is a team that brought in a goal keeper, 2 midfielders and a Stoke class Swiss Striker ( that appeared to have strengthened ). Arsenal on the other hand had a new handful of replacements - the majority of which are unknown.

Notwithstanding, the gap between the top 6 and the rest were rather huge and it is highly unlikely that however Everton were to strengthen their defense and West Ham were to revamp their team, it will be good enough to mount a challenge to dismount us or Chelsea or Spurs.

Spurs may be hard pressed to win something. Liverpool would have to win at least a silverware from their performance in their last season and the amount of monies spent. If they don't, the pressure from their fans would be immense. City is still the team to beat. Chelsea with Sarri in would perhaps be giving Us and Liverpool the push. Spurs will be there and thereabout. Arsenal is a totally new perspective team.

So, unless Everton or West Ham as you have mentioned can mount a Leicester City of 2016, I don't think the gap to the top 6 would be closing.
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