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Hi planning a trip for next April 19th till May 1st. Slight overlap with Golden week but I hope to finish all my long train journeys before that and spend last few days in Tokyo.

For the weekend before golden week, April 27 and 28th, would it be very crowded at hitachi seaside park? I am trying to arrange my itinerary. If I need to visit on the Friday 26th, I will have to cut out one day from my Takayama section.

I plan to cover Alpine route, pink moss and nemophilia in this trip. If weather condition or blooming not ideal, I may skip but the hotels would have been booked and fixed. Thanks.
Yes, it would be. Iíve done it few years ago (also flew back on 1 May) and it was massive jam all the way to Fuji Shibazakura Festival over the weekend. Took the bus from Kawaguchiko Station before 9am, the ride was supposed to be a 30 min journey and we were stuck on the bus for more than two hours. Your choice.
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