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just curious

are u a full time professional poker player or semi pro player?

what makes u wanna be a pro poker player? As in u enjoy the gambling part or the excitement from the game?
Poker is not gambling la.
In many countries, its catergorized as a sport already.
Well, its 70% skill
includes patience, preserverence, decision making, observing, readjusting ourselves vs different opponent, self awareness.
We have to work extra hard then many profession, go through our hands, spot for mistakes, pluck our leaks, do the maths etc.
Then prevent ourselves in making same mistakes again, adjust our mind when we are unlucky.

The rest 30% will be uncontrollable luck factor.

Any sports out there, luck plays a part as well.

No, i do real estate, but now focus more on poker... Played online and just started play live tourney this year
Especially when we have a big group of singaporean travelling together countries to countries playing poker and cheering our own fellow mates.
So fun.

I havent get employed since 2008. I cant work in any routine job, so im always in the sales industry.
Back then my poker is still on and off, very bad.

I have a dream, and only poker or sales job like real estate can realize my dream.
I love travelling, bringing my family along for my poker trips.
Office job can never allow me to realize it.

I always want to get unbanned from grab so i can drive for them. I used to drive uber after i get banned by grab.
Everytime i did mistakes and loose many money in a week in poker, i will punish myself and go drive Uber to remind myself and readjust my mind.
If i continue to F**ked up, i will end my current lifestyle and back to driving.

I just went to grab looking for uban, they told me wait for stupid IO call me, but no 1 called yet.. CB.

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