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Mr Chua, where do u play ur tournaments? Lol

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I went to SPC once. I cannot stand the stuffiness of the poker area, and so much smoke.(altho im a smoker).
And very giddy, keep shaking..
The table so small and chair so small. super cramp. Jialat.

Last time i host 5/10 games but stopped due to the usual credit problems. And so many raids, players scared hosts also scared, dealers also scared.

Midview city poker room raid 3 years ago, recently still gana called up for sentence.
Better dont play play. And home games so tiring, sleeping hours become opposite, everyday so shag....

I prefer cash games in cambodia siem reap, 2nd choice phnom peh.

I play in Vietnam often, love the food etc. I have an apartment there as well so more convenient.

Philippines sometimes, dont like the food and traffic, but very hot place for tourney kakis nowsdays, this AUg drew 800+ players there... Record breaking.

I just started playing tournaments anyway, abit shoik on the fame factor, when people start approaching you and interviews.. HAHAHA.
But variance still very high.... need manage bankroll very well, i got family already cannot play play.
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