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Anyone backing jumpgate? It's from skull&co. Looks promising for portable dock.

The cause of the bricking issue:
  • Some say “the Nintendo Switch and Dock are chock full of USB-C protocol errors and flaws.”But we have a different opinion. The USB-C protocol (PD protocol) has to be amended in order to prevent the system being hacked and meet Nintendo’s prospects in the future.
  • If what Nintendo said about the SWITCH only being compatible with licensed accessories was true, Nintendo should have designed a unique (different shape) socket instead of installing a universal USB-C port, or put warning stickers on the SWITCH and dock. They should have known that people (especially kids) would plug any number of devices into the SWITCH’s USB-C port.
  • We believe Nintendo’s engineers conducted compatibility tests with thousands of existing USB-C devices (adaptors, battery banks, hubs, etc) during the testing procedure. However, Nintendo underestimated the potential risks since there are many products made by small companies that do not follow the USB-C (PD) protocols. Nintendo did not give SWITCH proper protection. This is the reason why the SWITCH can be bricked by certain accessories but smart phones and laptops survived.
  • As long as the protocols in the accessories are in accordance with the PD protocol standards they should work perfectly with the Nintendo SWITCH. The NYCO dock had PD protocol errors; it drew too much power to the SWITCH and damaged the power management component.
All these are their guess? What about future firmware updates? frankly speaking , I rather bring the original dock out if i want to play on TV outside my house. The uncertainty is too risky for me at the moment.
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