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bringing up an old thread. any reviews on this gdip?
Good. A former colleague who interned under me completed this course and recommended it to me. I went in on the Masters in Technology (Knowledge Engineering) track and found it overall quite boring. I therefore recommend ISS only for students who are keen on living an aloof life free from sensuality but alot of tech jargon. My personal take on the Graduate Diploma on System Analysis is that if you were already a tech geek and / or NUS alumni seeking your first postgraduate, ISS is the good place to be whether their Masters in Technology or Graduate Diploma.

Yet, if you were an NTU alumni or non-NUS alumni, I may only recommend ISS because you like the branding.

If you are alright with a similar diploma less competitive in nature, check out Republic Polytechnic's Specialist Diplomas in ICT fields, they are similar and work even better at a much lower price for locals.
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