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Second iFi. Own the original Nano iDSD and Micro iDSD. Got a number of firmware updates over the years that added new features like MQA support.
The ifi is a great option, I have a few of their products and they never disappoint. Plus you can make use of the return policy from Stereo and test the unit at home and see if they are up to your expectation.
Hi guys, thanks for the help. Yst when I went down to Stereo Westgate the guy told me the LE version is outdated as in the build. I havent tried yet as the device is low batt. I dont really understand what he is meant as I am still new to this. He recommended me the black label version which is $100 more. I feel the sound quality of the black label is very good but probably i should go other outlet to try the LE version before deciding.
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