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Civilian is always either pants or jeans, if you wish you may bring Bermudas or pe shorts to sleep in, but otherwise you can you should only be allowed to wear long pants when you walk around HTA.
Hey, I saw your reply regarding the long pants. It was something new to me as its not indicated in my things to bring letter. I would just like to check, the pants can be track pants/ jogger pants meant for sports or must be those formal working pants/ jeans.

The civilian pants and shirts are for the first few days only right? (before receiving the spf uni/outfit)

Also, any rules for the shirt? E.g. must be long sleeve/ can be dri fit tee?

I also came by a post saying that need to bring white singlets. Is it optional if its not stated in my letter?

Sorry for all the questions!! I am getting a lot of new info on the things to bring and it's really surprising that I didnt see it in my letter!
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