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Hey, I saw your reply regarding the long pants. It was something new to me as its not indicated in my things to bring letter. I would just like to check, the pants can be track pants/ jogger pants meant for sports or must be those formal working pants/ jeans.

The civilian pants and shirts are for the first few days only right? (before receiving the spf uni/outfit)

Also, any rules for the shirt? E.g. must be long sleeve/ can be dri fit tee?

I also came by a post saying that need to bring white singlets. Is it optional if its not stated in my letter?

Sorry for all the questions!! I am getting a lot of new info on the things to bring and it's really surprising that I didnt see it in my letter!

Im bringing in 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts for sleeping. As for my shirt im just bringing a dri fit
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