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On Thursday, I have booked IPPT @ maju for today, then on Friday I cancelled maju and booked bedok, because i suddenly need to deliver my goods to the east side, so can't make it for maju.

So today I went to bedok, they scanned my ic and said i didn't book for bedok, and even showed me their computer record that I booked IPPT @ maju for today.
all updated records shall be as per your NS Portal Booking page.

and which computer are u even referring to? The one in FCC or guardroom??

If FCC, it shall be the same as your NS Portal.

For guardroom, the records are until a certain cut-off time as they need to retrieve the bookings about a day before the session.

So what is your conclusion which you failed to mentioned - did your or did you not done your session at Bedok FCC? Please give your conclusion if you want to share your story. Thanks.
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