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Hi all,

Posting here since this is SPF Related albeit not Enlistment related.

I would like some thoughts and advice.

I'm 20 this year and I spent 2 years in ITE after completing 'N' Levels (I was in the DPP Programme) and graduated with a Higher Nitec in Events Management in 2017. Following which, I decided to follow my interests and enrolled in LASALLE's Diploma in Broadcast Media.(I tried for FSV in NP thru EAE but didn't make the cut)

However, few months into the first year of the course, I found myself struggling to cope with the modules as they were all foundation art modules. ie. figure drawing, acrylic paint colour mixing and matching, sculpture making. I myself am not an artistic person so my skills aren't there. (TL;DR, I couldn't cope with life in LASALLE.)

Anyways, one day I thought about my future and since Sec 4 (if i recall), I wanted to serve in the SPF. So as of now, I am wondering should I:

1. Drop out from LASALLE, sign on to the SPF and take up a part time diploma?

2. Drop out from LASALLE, apply for a place in a local poly, work hard for a Home Team Diploma Sponsorship (pays my school fees and secures me a job in SPF)

I'm sure most ppl would want be to complete my studies but to be frank, I feel wary of taking full time studies.
Probs from the bad experience I had in LASALLE but I feel I probs need some regimentation to learn to be more responsible.

So, what are your thoughts?

If there are any SPF Regulars, JPOs esp, I would greatly love to hear from you.

Thank you in advance!
SPF is quite stringent on its selection process... so wait till u pass the interview then u can consider quitting your current course
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