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My CRM told me they received alr. I applied for canberra area. Kinda worried.

I already called my crm last friday. Kinda argued with her over the phone lol. I was so pissed when she told me that she have already received my grant approval 3wks ago but my appeal was pending because she was waiting for some documents from me...which is my 2008 bank statement. Im like...huh? 3wks ago? The last time i spoke to her i already told her tht i DO NOT have any documented proof of what ive spent 10years ago. I dont even keep my receipts of the things i bought last week pls. Then i asked her how do i get my 10yrs ago bank statement and she replied me with..."I dont know, you can check with your bank." Haha im losing my patience mann. She dont know?!?! And yet she keep asking me for all these stupid documents. So i told her that i dont have it and stop asking me for all these documents which i dont have. She either just approve it or not. And if its not approved just say so lah. Hold my grants for 3 wks for what? If cant use HLE to pay for balance 24k so be it lah...i could have just get housing loan from bank and get it done and over with. I also dont want to use HLE already. I dont want to waste my time reapplying for HLE and looking at the amount, bank loan is cheaper at 1.6% interest rate compared to HDB 2.6%. Blergh.
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