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I think i will be as angry as you are. Its so ridicule la. Not she putting the blame back at you saying that she is waiting for documents from your side. Honestly speaking, asking spending from 10years ago abit too much. who the hell will rmb? She Drag your time for too long.

I think I will call her again later during my lunch time and see what she tell me. I feel like i am patience enough with them in this two months. Just dont like the feeling of keep hanging there when she say they are working on it but nothing done. and at the end of the day, they push the blame back to us.
Exactly how i feel. Pushing the blame back at me when i already told her i dont have any documented proof. I think she dont understand the meaning of DON'T HAVE. Put my file aside for 3 weeks while im waiting here dunno wait for what. Morning day night check hdb page hoping for results. If i did not called her last friday...i bet im still waiting now till dunno when. Im going to call her again and ask her when i cn get my grant amount. Even if my appeal is not approved..i want to knw my grant amount. Why she keep the amount frm me anyways. Tsk.
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