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No Leh. I call and ask if there is any more documents i miss out that I need to submit? Her answer is No, we alr received all your documents and the grant dept will update once they approve then your ststus will change to your grants has been approved. Nothing in between and keep saying they received my documents. Ask me dont worry. But Looking at those who select befor and after me get approval and some even gotten key notices, I am quite worry :C
I submitted all documents and ended up they asked for more. On 19th of July I sent all the ridiculous documents as per their request. Called the grant department twice to ensure that they confirmed received all the documents. Follow up with them every week and my status still no update at all when they told me they are reviewing my grant and will take 3-6 weeks to approve it. Still... status on the HDB portal still unchanged. I received a hardcopy from HDB on 02.08.2018 saying that they are in the mist of processing my grant and will take 6 weeks to approve(this letter from my CRM). on the 10th of August, my status changed to grant approved with amount stated on the portal.

I think you can keep trying to call them and chase after them. I called my CRM a few times, left messages too, but she never once reply me. I only received letters from her. All the best
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