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Just stfu and drive on. R dont need u

It is with great regret that i have decided to leave Ryde after going through a few months of driving for Ryde Apps.

Reason are as follows:
1) I could not sustain my cash flow against my operating cost and expenses on a daily basis.

2) Not enough riders out there for drivers to pick up (back to back).

3) Daily takings from rides could not exceed 150/day. have to put in many many hours everyday to see desire takings.

4) 7 days for approval + 5 more days for our cash out to our bank account excluded Sats & Suns. Total waiting time for our cash out = 3 weeks maximum!!

5) Since "Ping" was activated waiting time is around 2 hours or more in certain areas.

6) Petrol consumption has risen due to long distance pick up location (only to find that rider has cancelled due to reasons unknown).

NB: If i carry on for the next few months like this i will be owing the car rental company to almost 4K. Which i dont think i want this to happen. In order to sustain with Ryde's pay out pattern a driver needs to set aside at least a minimum sum of around 5 to 6K to be comfortable driving for Ryde!!
Until Ryde have instant cash out like Grab I am only doing high cash trips that are nearby pickups. Otherwise I will give Ryde the pass over.
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