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Hi Dimitri, I will be bringing my family of 7 (MIL, wife, myself and 4 below 12yo kids) to Japan this Nov.

As a first timer, appreciate your kind advice on my draft itinerary and th e options for transport.

Thanks in advance!

Date Prefecture
Attractions Hotel

19-Nov SG->HND
Depart from SIN, arrival at HND at 20Nov 06:55

20-Nov Osaka
1. HND to Osaka 2. Osaka Castle 3. Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade (besides Dotonbori), Dotonbori, Hozenji Temple??? Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba

21-Nov Osaka
Osaka USS Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba

22-Nov Osaka
Tempozan Ferris Wheel Mt. Tempozan Osaka Aquarium: Kaiyukan Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba

23-Nov Kyoto
Arashiyama, Tenryu-ji Temple, Bamboo forest & Iwatayama Monkey Park 2. Take photo in kimono??? Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba

24-Nov Nara
Nara Park Todai-ji Temple Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba

25-Nov Osaka/Tokyo
1. Sumiyoshi Taisha (住吉大社) 2. Bullet Train back to Tokyo KEIKYU EX INN Shinagawa-Station -Tokyo Shinagawa

26-Nov Tokyo
1. Sensōji (浅草寺) 2. Nakamise (仲見世) 3. Tokyo Tower KEIKYU EX INN Shinagawa-Station -Tokyo Shinagawa

27-Nov Tokyo
Disneyland Hilton Tokyo Bay

28-Nov Tokyo
DisneySea Hilton Tokyo Bay

29-Nov Tokyo
Disney Land/Sea KEIKYU EX INN Shinagawa-Station -Tokyo Shinagawa

30-Nov Tokyo
1. Nissin Cup Noodle Museum, Shinyokohama Ramen Museum (maybe) 2. Ekibenya, Tokyo Character Street, Pokemon Store KEIKYU EX INN Shinagawa-Station -Tokyo Shinagawa

1-Dec Tokyo
1. Ghibli Museum KEIKYU EX INN Shinagawa-Station -Tokyo Shinagawa

2-Dec Tokyo
1. F&E 2. Depart for HND airport by 21:00 KEIKYU EX INN Shinagawa-Station -Tokyo Shinagawa

3-Dec Tokyo
Hope you are already getting railpass.
Is there a reason why you are not flying into Osaka and out from tokyo (rather than take the trains with kids and plenty of luggage).
Your Kyoto duration is too short IMO. Of course with kids they might get bored quickly with temples.
Why not do sky tree instead of Tokyo tower ? Itís nearby sensoji and it has a large mall where you can do shopping or eating.
In Tokyo suggest to visit the large toy stores ? There is one in omotesando. How about the Science museum in ueno - itís really kid friendly.
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