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If the kids are below 12 I’m guessing the MIL isn’t all that elderly and may have more stamina than anyone else in the party!

It honestly doesn’t look that bad I think it’s more feasible than many of the itins people post — Studio Ghibli day is only Studio Ghibli, not three other things packed in the same day.

I would give yourself a break on day one - after an overnight flight to HND and i assume a connecting flight to Osaka, skip the castle and just orient yourself around the neighbourhood, find out the nearby shops, have a relaxing meal, take a nap. There are many days of fun ahead. And if you really have the energy, go for the castle. Basically know what item to mark as an optional add on, or ok to miss, depending on how your day progresses. If this is your first trip to Japan it can be confusing and fascinating all at once - getting through a busy station can take a lot longer than expected! I’m not a theme park person so I really can’t comment much as your itin is very oriented towards those attractions.
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