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which year are you in now ?

Do you have any HR background beforehand ?

I dont have any leh
my 2 year ns in hr department. i am at last sem already. Fking difficult joke.
i started in 2015 so i saw the transition and felt the heat now. The way they assess more difficult now. the quiz become 5 (30 question so u get 15 correct =2.5%) % from 20% and the group project got higher weightage now and the reason is because quiz got such thing as full mark, project dont have. They want make it such that even if ur quiz get full mark, its only 5 now quiz question cant be found on online quiz bank... and next time, hr exam will have mcq. The mcq question can be some random line from the textbook etc.. and my lecturers got say before. Exam skip mcq in exam context for suss, the idea is not to think about scoring for mcq, but is try not to get zero for mcq.

The reason is because pt hr want align with ft hr. thats the first thing.. next is pt/ft together increase another notch in difficulty because from unisim become SUSS

i think those that just enrolled in 2018 and 2nd half of july 2018 quite sway already. if 2019, i dont know liao. probably the drop out/failure rate will be higher?

in addition, HR is under the faculty which is the flagship faculty for suss so yea.

this is just some info, probably got more la. The changes havent stop yet so yea.

I would say, the hr course now same as the logistic one, best to avoid it. Not saying its not do-able now but rather, its harder now.

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