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Grace Period for XPAX is generally 50 days.

The validity is RM1 for 1 day, so if you want to use the card for say, a continuous 5-day period, then you'll have to top up at least RM5.

Edit: (to show more info)
Credit Expiry/Validity

Customers’ prepaid credit or airtime balance can only be used when their Xpax accounts are active. To keep the Xpax account active, Customers are required to perform a credit reload. Any prepaid credit or balance in the Xpax account cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.

The preloaded airtime and validity period for each starter pack is as follows:
Starter Pack RRP Preloaded Airtime Validity Period
RM 10 RM6.60 5 days
RM 5 RM3.30

Any additional reload values shall follow the validity period as stated in the Xpax Reload Specific Terms and Conditions below.

Upon expiry of the validity period, the Customers will have fifty (50) days to perform a reload, failing which their mobile number or account will be automatically terminated without any further notice.

Link: XPAX Prepaid Terms & Conditions
Thank you so much Habrosus!
In this case I just top up Rm3 every 45 days via the celcom life app.
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