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Voyage Miles have nothing to do with Krisflyer.
Voyage Miles will be used to "buy" commercial/revenue tickets for you.

To use VM to redeem tickets to Ulaanbaatar, basically you have only 2 choices.


If you mixed different airlines in the itinerary, the cost of the air ticket will be very high, which will mean you will use more VM.

You should ask them to quote you the number VM needed to redeem ticket for the routing I mentioned above. You need to give them the travel dates.

If you are redeeming ticket using VM, make sure you use cash for the taxes/surcharge portion. If not, the value of VM is very bad.

If you are redeeming tickets on Air China, I think it is better to redeem tickets through Krisflyer/Star Alliance. Air China is part of Star Alliance.

For Korean Air, you can try to use VM.
Thanks for the advice.

i gave them travel dates, exact ones, i just blank them out for posting here.

I have also told them if they could quote me for Star Alliance partners or provide me with an alternative. Perhaps my email is not clear. perhaps if that was the case they could call me?
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