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Dear all, seeking advice on the following:

Trip for a family of 3; myself, an elderly who is fit and a teen / boy who is around 8.
Possibility of adding 2 elderly and a adult (not confirm).

Thus, want to see the possibility of the plan.

Sat Arrival
- Taichung - Cing Jing Farm (mainly for kid to see and enjoy farm stay)

- Sun Moon Lake (for elderly to see the lake in general. Not a rush to tour the whole lake in detail)
- Hualien - Taroko Gorge (to stay for the night in prep for next whole day's visit of TG)

- Hualien - Taroko Gorge (Whole Day visit while evening / night time transit to Taipei)
- Taipei

- Taipei - Shifen / Jiufen

- Taipei - Mao Kong / 101 / Memorial Hall
Sat to Mon is very rush. it's like go to a location, take some photos, and move on to the next. if this is ur kind of vacation, then it is possible.
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