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Dear all, seeking advice on the following:

Trip for a family of 3; myself, an elderly who is fit and a teen / boy who is around 8.
Possibility of adding 2 elderly and a adult (not confirm).

Thus, want to see the possibility of the plan.

Sat Arrival
- Taichung - Cing Jing Farm (mainly for kid to see and enjoy farm stay)

- Sun Moon Lake (for elderly to see the lake in general. Not a rush to tour the whole lake in detail)
- Hualien - Taroko Gorge (to stay for the night in prep for next whole day's visit of TG)

- Hualien - Taroko Gorge (Whole Day visit while evening / night time transit to Taipei)
- Taipei

- Taipei - Shifen / Jiufen

- Taipei - Mao Kong / 101 / Memorial Hall
You need to goggle the duration of travelling from point A to point B, before you decide what you can do on 1 day.

From sg to cingjing, it's take around 8 hrs and more, you think still enjoy your holiday and worst you are travelling with elderly and kid.

2nd thing, cingjing farm don't have farm stay. Flying Cow have farm stay but not at cingjing.

(to stay for the night in prep for next whole day's visit of TG) This should be done for cingjing and SML too. Both are morning thing, in the afternoon you can travel to next location.
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