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i have a vapourmax. some people say comfy. but when i tried it, not so much for me.
its too slim for my liking and the feeling feels weird. to each his own.
design wise it is pretty sleek so i dont mind wearing it even though it feels a bit weird compared to my normal NB/Asics
Vapormax is either u hate it or love it. I love vapormax. Its slim profile reminds me of the good old days of wearing flyknit racers. The airmax sole is unique that it give more bounce than softness, thus not alot ppl like it.

I wonder what bot they are using sia. Googling does not help too. Lol. Got myself a dashe and anb aio expired one. Yet to renew.
Bots also sometimes hit and miss one.
I heard some ppl make their own bot for nike sg. Nike sg system is weird. Shoes sizes always appear and disappear.

Offwhite nike dmn hard to get in SG. While it quite easy in US or UK. Dmn.
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