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Have you went for the 2nd "interview"? Meanwhile, tell the lml that you really cant afford to pay and have seek silver lining help. They would heard of silver lining before cos they have helped many ppl nego previously. Might give a bit of leeway but be prepare for the collectors to visit you. Impt thing is, when the lml call, pick up, explain, apologise and ask for more time while they nego the repayment amt for you. Avoiding their call will only make things worse.
2nd interview not yet.
I already apply for debt repayment scheme will be taking oath nxt tuesday. So my agent said if i have the cash try to pay them for 1 month. Cause the 2nd month once my online submission received by the O.A they cant disturb me anymore. He also said if i dont want to pay its up to me but have to endure the debt collectors coming to my place.
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