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The first week will be tough on you, your NOK and possibly your company. Just keep everyone informed and tell them to update you on the situation that they're facing. If it's the barrage of calls from AL, tell them to block all numbers on WhatsApp and on their phone. On your side, do the same, or better still, change your phone number.

Since you have already reported to police, make sure to install a CCTV outside your home as well. After that, hunker down and prepare for the love letters, locked doors, splash paint and set fire. May or may not happen, but just be prepared in case.
There is 1 case an employee in sgh had AL issue. The damn ah long so high tech they engaged hackers to hacked sgh systems and send email from Director down to employee stating that particular person O$P$ till that person was sacked. Really jialak those AL.
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