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Hi, may I know what is the minimum gpa for private degree to local masters? Those non-research intensive ones maybe, those coursework ones? Like Masters in communication in NUS? Don't think they will accept us for research intensive ones. What about overseas ones? What if you graduate from a private institution and you are thinking of taking Nursing at NUS/real estate/hospitality etc/occupational therapy or those less popular courses? I think its unlikely that we will stand a chance for duke nus...
From what I understand, applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. There is no set "cut-off" GPA point.

If you have the passion, have a few years of relevant work experience and interested in pursuing further studies, having a private degree should not stop you from applying. If you don't take the first step to apply, there is a 100% sure chance of not getting into the programme so what's there to lose?

Have some confidence and don't harp on the fact that you don't hold a bachelors' from a local uni. Those negative thoughts may be stopping you from achieving what you want.
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