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Hmm... Just looking at Day 6 alone. Personally don't find it that interesting. Other days, seems ok.

Day 8, may be too short for flying ranch.

Dear all

I am bringing my two 6years kids and 16years kid to Taiwan for 12 days. However.. Bec is first time bring 3 kids there.. my driver propose a 9seater car.. and below trip cost me 51000.. first and last day timing not so good by Eva airline so only 10days..

Is this rates reasonable? Flying on Dec
And she plan below itinerary for me.

First day,桃園接機,住宿台中逢甲
2nd day,彩虹村,大坑情人橋,大坑紙箱王主題館,百菇莊(午餐,香菇魯肉飯,香菇香腸),薰衣草森林,草泥馬餐廳,台中住宿。
3rd day,動漫彩繪巷,埔里酒廠,日月潭坐船遊湖,日月潭覽車,埔里18度巧克力工坊,清境(晚餐,甕仔雞料理),住宿清境。
4th day,清境青青草原(小綿羊),小瑞士花園,老英格蘭民宿拍照,嘉義天長地久橋,住宿阿里山。
5th day,阿里山國家公園,高跟鞋教堂,布袋魚港吃海鮮,高雄駁二特區,住宿高雄。
6th day,高雄月世界,義大世界遊樂園,台南鹽田,住宿台南關子嶺溫泉會館。
7th day,嘉義檜億生活村,霧峰地震博物館,中社觀光花市,採草梅,住宿台中,或是三義。
8th day,飛牛牧場,六福村,大溪老街,住宿台北。

9th day,十分幸福車站放天燈,十分瀑布,九份老街,黃金瀑布,北海岸陰陽海,住宿台北西門町。

Wonder shd I go yilan? Any suggestion welcome..

Lastly.. any other good driver to intro?

Thank you very much.
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