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y cannot blame him? he's the manager and chooses the team. are you saying the entire squad is not good enough? and the lineup yesterday is not good enough to beat brighton??

he is the one who bought the 2 central defenders that cost how much? 70m combined?

how bt fred and pogba? almost 150m pounds. and striker? 75m?

entire spine are his players. on paper it's good enough to beat such a team

everyone has been asking pereira to be included and given a chance and now he is playing and you are asking why is he playing?

young wise, you might have a good reason to question. maybe darmian is leaving by end month? or possibly injured or something
then work what you have and don't blame him totally for the results.
if defenders cannot clear that woody problem. but getting a central defender was priority because all the 5 cmi....

for example ....

you bot for your wife a note 9...she use it but found interface not that performance and want to change back to ios...u say no till ssll your note 9...then i buy.....u see your wife will be the attitude...

now jose attitude is similar . yes he bot those 2 but those 2 after found are crap...of cos u want new ones cos they are cmi.if u force them stay you get cmi result lor...

i sarpork jose...
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