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manage to watch the game over here in brussels but only via streaming but too tired to post anything. can only say saw 10 outfield players ran around cluelessly and could not handle a group of 10 outfield players who played as a ... team

the numerous mega sponsorship that Woody managed to sign was due to the club past success brought by Fergie and the mega TV rights signed by the league. In the last five years, the club won two domestic cup plus a Europa trophy plus reaching the CL quarter final only once which was way back in 2014.

both Jose and Pep are cheque book mgr but i feel that JM is old school and his methodology is no longer practical in the English league.
so it is up to Woody to decide if he wants to give JM a blank cheque which will have impact to the club’s finance book or move for alternative. Woody might not be a football man but i believe he had seen enough to make a call very soon.
to put in perspective

Since Sir Alex bowed out, United have spent 600million on 22 players and had three different managers.

In that time they have not made any significant inroads into winning the title again.

In terms of top spot they have finished 22, 17, 15 and 24 points behind the winners in the four full seasons after Sir Alex.
and last year was 19 points behind

to think that certain section of fans still blaming ed for not opening the cheque book
the mangers are the ones who want these players, not ed woodward.

and still demanding we bring in more to beat the likes of brighton
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