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Another thing is, the incoming water, we always had 2 problems. Its always either this or that.

1) after a water change, all fishes in the tank will become very dazed. And sometimes as if panting and breathing very hard. More often then not they will recover within 1 to 2 hours, but there are also 2 3 times where almost the whole tank got annihilated. All die...

2) if the fishes are all right, then another thing can happen... the water will turn green very fast thanks to algae within a few days.
I suspect could be two things;
1. water is not treated with anti chlorine.
2. water is concentrated with CO2 (if you are using co2 for plants)

when the fish goes up to surface to breathe (more than a couple), I will use an air pump to increase aeration for a couple hours and observe. sometimes overnight.

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