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My hope of seeing both Somi and Ryujin in the same group is gone liao......

JYP Confirms That They Are Preparing To Debut New Girl Group With Shin Ryu Jin

In the wake of Jeon Somi‘s departure from JYP Entertainment, the agency has confirmed that a new girl group is still in the works.

On August 20, a representative of JYP Entertainment told news outlet Sports DongA, “We are still preparing our [next] girl group, and the preparations are going well.”

The agency also stated, “Shin Ryu Jin, who won first place on JTBC’s ‘MIXNINE,’ is one of the key members [of the new group].”

Shin Ryu Jin was the top female contestant on JTBC’s audition program “MIXNINE,” during which she garnered both a sizable fanbase and the praise of YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk. She was recently spotted attending TWICE’s concert in Seoul earlier this year, along with several other JYP Entertainment trainees.
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