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This is what is worrying:

It is difficult to assess a team's effort but some of the statistics did not make for pretty reading. United covered only 99.5 kilometres against Brighton, compared to the 108.5 kilometres ran by the home team.

In doing so, Mourinho's men became only the third team this season to fail to run 100 kilometres in a Premier League match - and that includes several sides who had to play for a significant period with 10 men.

But it was also the intensity of the performance. United made only 74 sprints against Brighton. No team in the Premier League this season has made fewer sprints in a game.

"The fact that they did not try that hard to get back into the game is the most damning thing for me," added Redknapp. "I have never seen a team lacking so much desire to get back into a game."

Sounds like JM third year at Chelski same thing is happening here
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