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Hi guys. Need some help. I went holiday for 3 days and now my tank population is almost gone. Day 1, someone accidentally poured almost the whole fish feed into my tank but did not or dunno how to clear them. Day 2. My fish are mostly dead. Day 3, I came back and found my angelfish floating and lying flat. It's long fins and feeler fins are all gone. Can consider a gonna too. Total, I lost 1 good looking angelfish, 5 rainbow fish, 12 white cloud mountains, 1 bristlenose, 2 Cory, 1 oto. Survivors only 2 more Cory and 2 oto. I'm not sure if they can last.

My tank has sky high ammonia now. I did test. It was always yellow colour. Now the test is bluish green. I did more than half tank change. But theres still ammonia though slightly better than before the water change.

What should I do? Carry on changing water now? Or wait and see if ammonia will go down. The water is cloudy but clearing cos of my water change. I also washed my filter using old tank water.

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Go and buy Seachem stability. Do regular WC of 25% daily, and dose Stability.

Also, put in an air stone to pump up the oxygen if possible.
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